We turn data into actionable insights, and are dedicated to helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions.

A boutique firm with big resources.

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Boxplot is a proud recipient of Delaware County's Edge Accelerator program. This grant covers the cost of our spot in HeadRoom's co-working space for three years. As part of the program, we received numerous large-company benefits including receptionist services, office space, legal support, strategic advice, free or discounted software programs and more.

Our founder, as well as several members of our team, are also highly embedded in the Philadelphia tech scene. Barbara is the Community Lead for Code for Philly, and attends several other meetup groups and events related to data and technology in the region. Being connected to the tech community means staying current with the latest technological trends, bouncing ideas off of colleagues with similar or tangential expertise, and ultimately improving Boxplot's services for our clients.

Avoid the guesswork, and proceed with confidence that your analyses are accurate.

We've heard it all from previous clients:

"I'm just not sure this calculation is correct..."

"My employees are spending too much time in Excel and producing little to show for it."

"We've tried training classes, but they aren't enough."

"My analyst admitted to guessing when writing SQL queries!"

At best, an incorrect analysis wasted company time. At worst, taking action on an incorrect analysis could result in serious financial repercussions. All Boxplot analyses are reviewed by a statistician with a degree in mathematics or statistics to ensure that calculations are accurate.

Boxplot at Conference

We've worked with data from a variety of industries, using coding programming languages and software programs.




IT Functions




Call Center


...and more! As data experts, we can work with nearly any dataset, in any format. Have .csv files? No problem. SQL databases? We can work with that! API's? Done. If it's a program we haven't used before, we'll be honest with you about whether it makes sense for us to take on the project or not. Most analytics programs are extremely similar and it's easy to pick up new software. But if that's not the case, we won't waste your time. Our current languages and software programs include Excel, SQL, Tableau, Qlik, JavaScript, Python and R.

You can expect excellent customer service, and a personal, human experience.

Boxplot at Conference

We're obsessive about your satisfaction and customer experience. If you've hired us to take over a project, you can expect that we'll be available to communicate with you when you need us via video chat or phone. If you're scheduling DataChats, a friendly face with extensive experience will be ready to answer your questions at the time you choose.