Data Hour (September)

Data Hour (September)

by Jordan Hubbard    Jun 10, 2021 5:03 pm  

Barb returns to PowerToFly as a guest speaker in the “Data Hour” webinar. The first half of this “Data Hour” webinar consists of answers that Barb has for some general and more specific data analysis-related questions that the audience has.

Some of the audience questions in this webinar include: “What is the best data programming tool for beginners?”, “What pathway can I take to begin a career in data?”, and “How can I translate data for non-data teams?”. Barb goes into great detail to answer these questions along with visualizations. More specifically, Barb provides examples and explanations for data in AB testing and how one can determine if their data is statistically significant.

Barb gives some advice and insight for various data-related topics such as how to develop quantitative skills and which MOOC or ‘bootcamp’ she recommends along with numerous resources.

The webinar ends with a live Q&A between Barb and the audience and a live demonstration in R.

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