How to connect with your expert:

1. Download the Software

Downloading and testing the software ahead of time ensures you won't experience a delay when meeting with your analytics expert.

Download Zoom

We strongly recommend Zoom - we've tested several platforms and it is by far the best audio and video quality, and a superior experience. However, if your company has security restrictions or you need to use a different program for some other reason, email us at and we can set up another platform for your DataChat.

2. Click the Link for your Expert

At the time of your meeting, click the link below that matches the person you chose when booking. If you aren't sure which platform or person you chose, open your receipt email for this information.


Zoom Link

Barb Donnini Picture


Zoom Link

Corey Wheeler Picture


Zoom Link

Kayla Montgomery Picture

If you can check off the items on the list below, then you're all set to get the most out of your meeting with a Boxplot Expert.