Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What do you do?

    We help businesses and departments who would like to make more data-driven decisions, and turn data into actionable insights. We can work with your raw data to turn it into answers to your business's most pressing questions. Questions like "which marketing campaign is most successful?" "What is our turnover rate over time?" "How do our salespeople compare to each other in terms of key performance metrics?", etc. We've worked across a variety of industries, and are familiar with nearly all of the programs and languages commonly used for data analysis (Tableau, Excel, SQL, Python, R, etc.)

  • Why do we need a data analyst?

    Humans aren't very good at guessing values - for example, you may think your conversation rate is 90% but it's actually closer to 16%. Yes, we've seen guesses that are that far off. Savvy businesses make decisions based on data and not employee or CXO "hunches". Using your company's data can help you make smarter choices. Here are just a few examples:
    - By analyzing past marketing campaigns, you can choose the most effective options moving forward instead of spending thousands of dollars gambling on what will work.
    - With a dashboard, a sales manager can monitor salesperson performance with measures like number of closed deals over time, average sale amnount, discounts offered, and more.
    - Data can tell you the demographics of your typical customer, including their gender, age bracket, and geographic location so you can be smarter about crafting ads in the future.
    - With HR data, you can begin to better predict whether a candidate will be successful at your company. You can also determine which benefits help retain top talent.
    - Boxplot can help your organization craft a proper, unbiased survey and then analyze the results. Surveys are tremendously helpful for measuring customer satisfaction, employee happiness, product feedback, and more.
    - Using logistics data can help your company make more efficient choices when it comes to operations such as fleet usage, timesheets, and software programs.

  • What sets you apart?

    One of the biggest differences between us and other similar companies is our ability to make your results useful. We won't give you a report and then leave you - we know what usually happens to those reports (they end up in a drawer and never referenced again!). As part of your experience with us, we'll talk you and any other key stakeholders through the results of our analysis so that your organization has enoguh understanding to make the right decisions based on the data. We're excellent at breaking down charts and tougher concepts.

    It's also worth noting that every single project is reviewed by a statistician before we give it to you. Nowadays, "data analyst" can mean almost anything. Unfortunately, those who don't have formal training in math and statistics often don't produce accurate answers. And inaccurate information is worthless at best, and detrimenta to your organization at worst. We don't just put any "analyst" on your project. Having someone who has a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD in statistics work on or review the project makes a world of a difference in terms of accuracy.

DataChat Questions

  • How do I pick an expert?

    The best first step is to read the profiles of our experts on this page. The first thing to check is whether the expert is fluent in the software program or coding language your company uses (Tableau, Excel, Python, etc.). Next you can read about the expert's background and experience to choose the person who will be the best fit. If you still aren't sure, feel free to email us at and we can help you!

  • What if Boxplot's expert can't answer my question?

    If you checked that your question is within our experts' scope of knowledge, this situation is unlikely. However, it’s hard to keep every keyboard shortcut and formula in memory! Sometimes our experts will know what you are talking about, but need to do some refresher-research to fully answer your question with accuracy. If that’s the case, we’ll follow up with you after your DataChat with an answer at no additional charge to you. It may be an email, or if necessary, we'll offer you a free follow-up session with that expert (or another one of our experts if it better fits a different person’s expertise). We will also consider refunds if appropriate.

  • Can I show my expert my file/data to help give context to my question?

    Yes! As long as you choose a video chat program that supports screenshare, and your hardware and operating system can support the screenshare, you can show your DataChat expert your entire file and dataset. Similarly, our experts can share their computer screens to help explain concepts as well.

  • What if I miss my DataChat meeting or need to cancel it?

    If you cancel at least 24 hours before the meeting starts, we'll refund your money in full. Unfortunately, if you do not provide at least 24 hours notice, we cannot offer a refund out of respect for our experts' time. We can offer a 20% discount towards a future meeting and you'd like to reschedule; email to request the discount.

  • Can I change my subscription?

    Yes! Contact us at and we can take care of that.