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It’s no secret that the most efficient and effective IT support desks and other helpdesks gain their edge through superior analytics. Chances are good that at least one of your competitors is already gaining insights from these data.

If you’re looking to get more value out of your support and helpdesk data but you’re not sure where to start, this article is a great introduction to the ways you can turn such data into actionable insights.

Data Visualization & Dashboards

We get it: you don’t want to spend your whole day staring at support desk data. Dashboards exist solely so that you don’t have to. A dashboard is a concise display of key business data, likely to display ten or fewer of only the most important graphics and/or tabular statistics.

When constructed properly, dashboards are a tremendous asset for helpdesk analytics.

They allow users to conveniently view KPIs such as first response times, customer satisfaction rates, and issue resolution rates on a self-service basis.

They prevent your support workers from wasting time assembling ad-hoc data reports,

They prevent viewers from wasting time sifting through large quantities of data on their own.

Side Note: Automated & Real-Time Analytics

The quality of your dashboards is determined primarily by the quality of the data flowing into them. So, what’s the best way to ensure your data are as up-to-date and accurate as possible? In the case of helpdesk analytics, the answer may be real-time analytics.

What do we mean by “real-time” analytics? Conventionally, in order to keep a dashboard up-to-date, a human must perform at least some form of a manual process, even if the data are being generated automatically. But modern data analytics technology now exists to cut out this middleman altogether. Boxplot can write scripts that connect to APIs, programmatically pull data from databases, and completely automate these processes to run at any frequency desired. The result of these methods is an automatically-updating helpdesk KPI dashboard that stays fully current with any new data that arise. If you’re tired of wasting time updating your reports by hand through mind-numbing data entry, real-time analytics and automation are for you.

Machine Learning & Incident Prediction

Conventionally, IT support and helpdesk services are purely reactive fields. But what if there were a way to predict IT-related incidents ahead of time? This is the essence of incident prediction analytics. Data scientists employ a type of computer programming called machine learning to build this sort of predictive solution; machine learning refers to the process of teaching a computer how to identify, and extrapolate upon, patterns in data, as opposed to a human completing these tasks (a machine learning-based approach is often a more reliable means of predicting events than pure intuition because computers are not subject to the same biases as humans). Thus, professionals can leverage the massive amount of historical data on IT support incidents to try to predict future problems.

Get The Most Out Of Your Service Desks’ Data

Organizations in nearly every industry are coming to recognize the benefits of state-of-the-art data strategy for their service functions. Thus, there are opportunities for your organization in service and helpdesk analytics, regardless of your prior level of data competence. Whether you are just starting out with data, or your organization has practices in place but wants to improve or advance them, get in touch with us to see the analytical advantages we can offer. We provide bespoke, engaging training sessions with the latest data analytics software ―if you are more of a data DIY-er― as well as full-service data solution engineering if you’d like us to do the whole thing for you. Contact us, and start putting your service desk data to work today.

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