Nonprofit JavaScript Dashboard

This is a mini-dashboard completed as an example for a nonprofit to better understand STARs (American Skilled through Alternate Routes). We began this project by pulling data from the Census Bureau and O*Net. We merged the data, and created the visualizations that would best display the information the group was interested in. Visualizations are created using JavaScript, Python, and HighCharts. One of the benefits of using JavaScript to embed web visualizations is that the dashboard can be viewed on any device, anywhere in the world.

Below, we can see a map of which states have the highest average income for STARs, percentage of job titles currently available to STARs, number of STARs and income by ethnicity, and average income by education level for the country.

We'd also like to call special attention to the sliceable line chart, that shows how the number of STARs and their average income changes over time. If you click the Avg. Income button, it will show the average income on the y axis for both STARs (yellow) and those with a Bachelor's (blue). The "# Persons" button changes the Y axis so that it now displays the number of people who are STARs (yellow) or have a Bachelor's (blue). Slicers are fully customizable and multiple different slicers can be used in these types of dashboards.

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